De technology achter de constructie van onze custom made carbon kiteboards

Aloha carbon fiber kiteboards

Carbon Fiber

Carbon fibers have high tensile strength, and are very light and very stable. Carbon crystals are bonded together in a chain, creating a very strong material, which compared to steel is 5 times stronger on an equal weight basis. High manufacturing cost is balanced by its high strength in both tension and compression, and high resistance to corrosion, creep and fatigue, low weight and high performance.

Carbon fiber outperforms many other fiber materials. It is mainly used to high quality products to replace fiberglass, wood or alloys, as it offers lower weight, higher stiffness and better fatigue resistance.  Composite product manufacturing has much less carbon footprint than metal (product) manufacturing, so this way there is an additional, (not so obvious to realize) positive impact on the environment.

Supersap Resin

We believe there is no better chemist than Mother Nature. Entropy Resins makes materials that balance performance and environmental sustainability. The bio-based epoxy resins allow for strong and durable composites and coatings with a lower environmental impact. There are no compromises.

Powered by plants. The Super Sap technology replaces petro-chemicals with renewable, biobased materials.

Aloha Kiteboards are made with Supersap Resin
Five O Core Technology
Five O Core Technology
Aloha Carbon Kiteboards have concave of 1 cm
Aloha Carbon Kiteboards are made with a continuous rocker

Five O Core Technology

Our Five O Core Technology together with the Carbon Fiber Composites is the driven technology behind the Aloha Carbon Kiteboards.
Our boards are based on a Corecell™ M foam core. It is a structural foam core material using a SAN polymer base featuring high toughness and impact resistant characteristics. It offers very reliable processing without outgassing for high quality parts.

Each core is then divided into 5 pieces and its wrapped with different kind of Carbon Fiber. We start with an unidirectional carbon tape in the length of the kiteboard, next we wrap each slice with a twill weave carbon fiber cloth. It gives the Aloha Carbon Kiteboards a unique combination of strength, flexibility and light-weight for kiteboarding control and responsiveness.

Concave Bottom

The Aloha Carbon Kiteboards have concave of 1 cm in the middle of the board and endow in a flat tail. This shape gives the board great upwind abilities but remains flexible.

Continuous Rocker

All Aloha Carbon Kiteboards are made with a continuous rocker, but due to the Five O Core Technology the tip and tail remain flexible.


All Aloha Carbon Kiteboards are handmade from start to end. Based on the best material available on the market and the craftsmanship put in the boards, we produce the best possible kiteboards on the market.

PASSION, DESIGN, HAPPINESS is what it takes to build these unique kiteboards for you.
We want to share this with you by making a boards that gives you the same feeling as we put in.

Custom Design

All Aloha Carbon Kiteboards can be customized to your needs. Shapes, graphics or other special wishes can be adjusted to provide your own needs.

Handmade carbon kiteboards

Footpads and Vins

Designed to keep the feet in line perfectly with the board. The 3D Ergonomic footpad with rounded system or toe grip, for better control over the board The most comfortable very light bootstrap.

G10 Vins are coming with the boards to have an optimal grip on the water.